Our Services

Investment Management

  • Making sure your money is invested properly is a key component of securing your financial future.
  • The “noise” that fills today’s investing environment is overwhelming and distracting.
  • CWM helps you focus on what really matters for long-term investing.
  • Diversification
  • Disciplined rebalancing of accounts
  • Asset Allocation
  • Tax and Fee Mitigation

Tax Mitigation

  • For most of our clients, their largest expense is not their mortgage or their credit card bill—it’s their taxes.
  • Depending on your particular situation, we identify opportunities to legally and ethically lower your tax bill.
  • We do this by looking at your overall financial situation of which taxes is usually a very large part.
  • We partner with CPAs to stay on top of the ever-changing tax environment to make sure you pay your fair share but no more.

Education Planning

  • If you have children, we know that planning for their college is a source of stress and uncertainty.
  • We help you by providing a customized education plan to help pay for college.
  • We also partner with specialists who can help navigate the difficult application and financial aid processes to ensure that your kids get the education they deserve.


  • Insurance, when used properly, can be an amazing tool to protect both your assets and your income.
  • CWM does not sell insurance, nor do we make any commission by recommending any insurance product.
  • What we do is objectively analyze your risks and recommend solutions to address those


  • The first step in a real retirement plan is to help our clients start visualizing what their unique retirement would look like:
    • At what age will you retire?
    • Where will you live?
    • On how much income?
  • This step is difficult and can often be overlooked.
  • The most common concern is “I have no idea what that will look like. It is so far out, I cannot visualize it.”
  • And that’s ok. Our plan is not static.  It evolves as you and your family do.
  • But you wouldn’t start off a cross-county voyage without a map, supplies and a navigator.  Nor should you avoid planning for retirement because of uncertainty.  The detours we can deal with.

Estate Planning

    • Single people, families, young and old.
    • Every person needs a plan for their assets upon death, healthcare decisions, who will raise your children, and who gets your dog.
    • What happens to my kids if I both my husband and I pass away?
    • Who makes decisions about end of life health care decisions?
    • I’m single, what happens to me if I can’t make decisions for myself because of medical incapacity.
    • We partner with all levels of estate planning attorneys from the simple to the complex to address these questions for our clients.
    • I go with all of my clients to the estate planning meeting, often acting as a translator to help navigate the intimidating world of estate planning to address unpleasant decisions.

Employee Benefits

  • Every year our clients, who work for large and small corporations alike, get a long list of options and benefits that the companies offer.
  • Some of these benefits are extremely valuable and some perhaps not so much.
  • Do I need long-term disability?  Supplemental disability insurance?  Flexible spending accounts?
  • I work with clients who’ve formed fortune 500 companies and very small start-ups, so I have seen it all. I can help you determine what you need.


    • I often tell my clients, if it involves money and you want my advice on it, I am here to help.
    • Should I refinance my mortgage?
    • Can you help me with budgeting?
    • Should I I be buying that second home?
    • How much house can I afford?
    • Can I quit my job and start another one? (hint… yes you can)
    • Lease v. buy my car?