November 10, 2019 Guest Author

Here’s Why You May Need to Update Your Estate Plan

Estate Planning – the process of how you transfer your wealth to heirs and others- can be very important for anyone who wants to be certain that their loved ones are adequately provided for and taken care of. When done well, estate planning aims both to allow you to pass on your assets as you see fit and to minimize the state and federal tax bite that often accompanies the transfer of significant wealth.

Even if you are not subject to estate taxes or don’t have family, estate planning can potentially enable you to decide which people and charitable organizations will receive your wealth at your death. Failing to plan can mean that you will let the government make those decisions- and we find that few people are fond of that choice.

But if you think that your current estate plan is up to those tasks, you might want to think again. Here’s why your estate plan may need to be refreshed.

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