May 13, 2020 Guest Author

Reclaim Your Time

The “work first, life second,” mantra guides far too many of us these days–from driven entrepreneurs to ladder climbing professionals to over-committed parents. One result: little to no time for family, friends, spouses, self-care and other vital parts of living our best lives.

If you are consistently putting work or volunteer projects at the top of your list and then attempting to find the time for “the other stuff,” here’s some advice: Stop looking for that time–it doesn’t exist.

The good news: You can make the time to create a meaningful, fulfillng life and find the work-life balance that eludes so many of us. So says Craig Ballantyne, a high-performance business coach and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Unstoppabble: How to Get Through Hell, Overcome Anxiety, and Dominate in Business and Life.

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